Thornham Weddings

These photo's may not be in the correct order of Marriage dates

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Tom Chambers & Alice Corston CC late 1800s

Nellie Tipples Edding

Alfred Greef & Anna Moorhouse October 2nd 1925

Robert Howling & Majorie Francis September 15th 1934

Angela Southerland's Wedding

Reg Sheperd & Cathline Southerland

Sid Roper & Ruby Beck

Eric Beck Renee Woods September 1949

Henry Cobb & Doris Rush 1939

Joy Robson & Henry Greef July 2nd 1952

Michael Greef & Maureen Greef

Albert Howard & Beatrice Mary Hunt

Bernard Corston & Anita

Ronnie Corston & Brenda's Wedding

Lawrence Clark & Hilda Gent


Cyril Mann & Pamela Gilham

John William Hunt & Irene Plume

Tony Whiting & Anne Cock March 5th 1960

John Lake & Shirley Riseborough March March 19th 1960

Donald Morrison & Joy Matthews

Michael Coad & Veronica Cobb March 26th 1966

Eric & Nora Green's wedding

Robert Howell & Carol Bridges July 7th 1976

Steve Greef & Megan Sanders August 09th 2008

(& I remembered the date)

Michael O'Brian & Patricia Stewart

February 11th 2006